Antiseptic body cleansing


The Stellisept® range of products are specially designed for antiseptic hand and body cleansing, also features rapid action and a broad spectrum effect.

Key benefits

Areas of application

  • For antimicrobial body cleansing (in case of MRSA/ORSA, VRE) including shampooing. Through selected ingredients and the alcohol-free formulation the product possesses a considerably better skin compatibility than conventional decontamination preparations

Skin tolerance

  • Very good skin and hair compatibility and good mucous membrane tolerability
  • Skin nurturing properties
  • Skin-friendly pH value of approx. 5.5


  • Comprehensive activity against national epidemic MRSA strains and clinical MRSA isolates
  • Bactericidal activity

In vitro and in vivo studies prove the general, bactericidal activity of all Stellisept® med products. Additionally, the spectrum of effect comprises the activity against national epidemic MRSA strains and clinical MRSA isolates. All surveys have been carried out according to European efficacy criteria, and all Stellisept® med preparations meet the standards required by EN 1499 and EN 13727.

Applying Stellisept®*

  1. Apply Stellisept® med directly to the moistened skin and the wet hair or to a damp washcloth or sponge
  2. Cleanse the body areas intensively and rinse with clear water after at least 30 seconds
  3. Ensure that skin folds, axillae and the gaps between fingers and toes are sufficiently wetted with the preparation

Avoid contact with eyes.

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