L-Mesitran Border

Hydro-active dressing

L-Mesitran Border

L-Mesitran Border is sterile, semi-permeable dressing containing 30% honey and Vitamin C&E, as well as an acrylic polymer gel and water, with a polyurethane film backing.


Product benefits

  • The honey-hydrogel pad donates moisture to rehydrate dry tissue
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Can absorb 9 times its own weight of wound fluids
  • Suited to wounds which need exudate locked away
  • Follows contours of wound bed to keep contact with wound surface
  • Adhesive film backing allows dressing to be fixed securely
  • Helps to maintain a moist wound healing environment
  • It will stay on the skin in the wettest conditions
  • Showerproof



Clinical evidence

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L-Mesitran Border is indicated for low to moderate exuding wounds, including;

  • Chronic wounds e.g pressure ulcers, venous and diabetic ulcers
  • Superficial and acute wounds e.g. cuts, abrasions and donor sites
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns (1st and 2nd degree)
  • Fungating wounds
  • Acute wounds e.g. donor sites, surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions


L-Mesitran Border is contraindicated for;

  •  Individuals with known sensitivity to the dressing or its components
  •  Heavily exuding wounds
  •  Full thickness burns
  •  Deep, narrow cavities or sinuses

Application instructions

  1.  Inspect and if necessary, cleanse the wound as per local protocols.
  2.  Ensure the gel pad overlaps the edges of the wound by approximately 1cm.
  3.  Remove the sterile dressing from the pouch.
  4.  Peel back half of the plastic protective liner.
  5.  Gentle place the gel side of the exposed gel over the wound, while removing the second half of the platic protective liner.
  6.  Once it is fully in place, remove the paper liners from the top of the dressing.
  7.  Make sure the dressing is secured in placed.
  8.  Inspect the wound and the surrounding tissue regularly.

Frequency of use

The dressing can remain in place for up to 5 days, dependent upon the amount of exudate.

Change the dressing prior to it becoming saturated with exudate or if it has been comprimised

Single patient use only.

Ordering details

Description Size Piece per box Product code PIP code NHS code
L-Mesitran Border 10 x 10 cm 10 512.10 314-0985 ELZ128