CAROLON Multi-Layer Compression Stockings

Precise compression - available in 30-35mmHg or 35-40mmHg

CAROLON Multi-Layer Compression Stockings

CAROLON Multi-Layer compression provides a high quality compression system now containing a unique Cupron® Copper Yarn technology in the understockings, a fabric designed to reduce bacteria and fungi. Copper oxide remains effective for the life of the garment and is unaffected by washing and drying.

Key benefits

  • Precise compression – the overstocking and understocking are designed to work together to provide clinically appropriate compression
  • Easy application and removal – the product is designed to slide comfortably into place
  • Available in 30-35mmHg or 35-40mmHg to help increase patient compliance
  • Larger sizes also available which reduces the need to use made-to-measure hosiery

Copper oxide impregnated yarn understocking:

  • Reduces bacteria and fungi that can cause odour
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Helps prevent cross contamination
  • Non-toxic, non-sensitising and non-irritating to the skin

CAROLON Multi-Layer compression stockings are available in a large range of sizes including extra large with maximum ankle circumference of 35.5cm and maximum calf circumference of 66cm reducing the requirement for costly made to measure hosiery.

Recently the VenUS IV trial highlighted that two layer hosiery systems are as effective for healing venous leg ulcers as four layer bandage systems, with fewer reoccurrence rates and is a more cost effective treatment option (£302.4 less per participant per year)[1].




[1] Dumville, J. (2013) VenUS IV (Venous leg ulcer Study IV): A randomised controlled trial of compression hosiery versus compression bandaging in the treatment of venous leg ulcers.


CAROLON clinical studies

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Applying CAROLON Multi-Layer Compression Stockings*

Apply the stocking system first thing in the morning when swelling is reduced. If applying later in the day, elevate leg for 30 minutes prior to application.


  1. Reach into the stocking and grasp the inside of the toe area
  2. Begin turning the stocking inside out by pulling the toe areas through the stocking to the top
  3. Stop when the blue heel patch just becomes visible
  4. Place the toe area of the stocking over your foot making sure the blue heel patch is on the bottom of your foot
  5. Pull band over the foot and calf so as to lay the stocking over your leg
  6. Position the top of the stocking away from your toes to prevent pressure
  7. Smooth stocking to remove wrinkles

Washing instructions

  • Stockings may be placed directly in washer (use hosiery bag for sheer). Machine wash in hot water on gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry on a medium heat
  • If bleaching is desired, do not use a chlorine bleach, use peroxide based bleach only
  • Do not expose to direct heat sources such as irons, blow dryers or radiators
  • Do not dry clean



  1. Apply using the same method as described for the understocking. The slickness of the fabric will allow the overstocking to slide easily over the understocking
  2. Work the overstocking over the leg so that the top matches the understocking just below the knee


*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use.


  • Do not use on or for arterial and mixed venous/arterial ulcers
  • If redness or irritation results, or if toes become discoloured black or blue, discontinue use
  • Do not use when the product is in direct contact with an open wound