CAROLON Anti-embolism stockings offer patients high quality protection against the development of Deep vein thrombosis. A broad range of sizes are available in Knee Length, Thigh Length and Adjustable Thigh options.

All CAROLON stockings conform to NICE, SIGEL and BS 7672 requirements.



Key benefits

  • Unique design two-way stretch fabric – comfortable for the patient and ease of application
  • Inspection hole – allowing convenient monitoring of pulse, skin colour and temperature
  • No pressure in toe area – allows free movement without constriction
  • Floating heel pocket – virtually eliminating any unwanted pressure on the heel
  • Non-constrictive thigh band – to keep stocking in optimal position
  • Compression break in thigh – to ensure normal blood flow in femoral artery and vein
  • Adjustable band – allows precise control of the fit and compression at the upper thigh (applies to ATS only)
  • Easy to apply – the adjustable panel can be opened during application (applies to ATS only)
  • Comfortable – contoured for accurate fit, cool and lightweight
  • Durable – may be laundered and tumble dried whilst retaining compression rates
  • Conforms to SMTL and Siegel profiles

CAROLON Anti-embolism stocking system ensures each patient receives the highest quality protection against pulmonary embolism and reduces the need for made to measure products. The broad range of sizes includes: Knee Length, Thigh Length and Adjustable Thigh for bariatric patients, patients with oedema and those following surgery.

Further substantial discounts are available through the 2017 NHS SC Vascular Therapy framework agreement.

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Applying CAROLON Anti-embolism stockings*

  • Measure patient’s legs and refer to ordering details for relevant size
  • To reduce the chance of DVT after discharge, the stockings should be worn until normal levels of activity are resumed
  • Always adhere to your local hospital policy in regards to VTE prophylaxis

To view the patient information booklet, click here.

How to apply knee length Anti-embolism stockings

You can view the full knee length AES fitting guide here >>>

For thigh length Anti-embolism stockings follow steps 1,2,3,4 above and steps 5 and 6 below

Caring for your CAROLON Anti-embolism stockings

  • Place stockings in a hosiery bag and machine wash in warm water on a gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry on a medium heat
  • If bleaching is desired, do not use a chlorine bleach, use peroxide based bleach only
  • DO NOT expose to direct heat sources such as irons, blow dryers or radiators
  • DO NOT dry clean




*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use.





Knee length

Ankle circumference Calf circumference Length Style No. Size Size colour code (top) Size colour code (toe) NHS SC code
17.5cm – 20cm 25.5cm – 33cm 30.5cm – 36cm 510 Small Short Yellow Pink EGD287
36cm – 40.5cm 511 Small Regular Yellow Natural EGD015
40.5cm – 46cm 512 Small Long Yellow Orange EGD016
20cm – 22.5cm 30.5cm – 38cm 33cm – 38cm 520 Medium Short Natural Pink EGD288
38cm – 43cm 521 Medium Regular Natural Natural EGD017
43cm – 48.5cm 522 Medium Long Natural Orange EGD018
22.5cm – 25.5cm 35.5cm – 43cm 35.5cm – 41cm 530 Large Short Navy Pink EGD289
41cm – 45.5cm 531 Large Regular Navy Natural EGD019
45.5cm – 51cm 532 Large Long Navy Orange EGD020
25.5cm – 28cm 40.5cm – 48cm 35.5cm – 41cm 540 X Large Short Green Pink EGD290
41cm – 45.5cm 541 X Large Regular Green Natural EGD029
45.5cm – 51cm 542 X Large Long Green Orange EGD030
28cm – 30.5cm 46cm – 53cm 35.5cm – 41cm 550 XX Large Short Purple Pink EGD292
41cm – 45.5cm 551 XX Large Regular Purple Natural EGD149
45.5cm – 51cm 552 XX Large Long Purple Orange EGD150
30.5cm – 35.5cm 51cm – 71cm 35.5cm – 41cm 560 XXX Large Short Light Blue Pink EGD9091
41cm – 45.5cm 561 XXX Large Regular Light Blue Natural EGD9092
45.5cm – 51cm 562 XXXL Large Long Light Blue Orange EGD9093

Thigh length

Ankle circumference Calf circumference Thigh circumference Length Style No. Size Size colour code (top) Size colour code (toe) NHS SC code
17.5cm -20cm 25.5cm – 33cm 40.5cm – 51cm 66cm – 74cm 610 Small Short Yellow Pink EGD040
74cm – 79cm 611 Small Regular Yellow Natural EGD041
79cm – 86cm 612 Small Long Yellow Orange EGD042
20cm – 22.5cm 30.5cm – 38cm 48cm – 61cm 66cm – 74cm 620 Medium Short Natural Pink EGD051
74cm – 79cm 621 Medium Regular Natural Natural EGD052
79cm – 86cm 622 Medium Long Natural Orange EGD053
22.5cm – 25.5cm 35.5cm – 43cm 58.5cm – 68.5cm 66cm – 74cm 630 Large Short Navy Pink EGD054
74cm – 79cm 631 Large Regular Navy Natural EGD055
79cm – 86cm 632 Large Long Navy Orange EGD056
25.5cm – 28cm 40.5cm – 48cm 63.5cm – 76cm 66cm – 74cm 640 X Large Short Green Pink EGD291
74cm – 79cm 641 X Large Regular Green Natural EGD057
79cm – 86cm 642 X Large Long Green Orange EGD058

ATS – Adjustable Thigh Length

Ankle circumference Calf circumference Thigh circumference Length Style No. Size Size colour code (top) Size colour code (toe) NHS SC code
17.5cm – 19.5cm 28cm – 32.5cm 44.5cm – 63.5cm 69cm – 76.5cm 311 Small Regular Yellow Natural EGD5211
76.5cm – 84cm 312 Small Long Yellow Orange EGD5212
19.5cm – 21.5cm 32.5cm – 35.5cm 53.5cm – 71cm 69cm – 76.5cm 321 Medium Regular Natural Natural EGD5213
76.5cm – 84cm 322 Medium Long Natural Orange EGD5214
21.5cm – 23.5cm 35.5cm – 39.5cm 61cm – 80cm 69cm – 76.5cm 331 Large Regular Navy Natural EGD5215
76.5cm – 84cm 332 Large Long Navy Orange EGD5216
23.5cm – 25.5cm 39.5cm – 42.5cm 70cm – 84cm 69cm – 76.5cm 341 X Large Regular Green Natural EGD5217
76.5cm – 84cm 342 X Large Long Green Orange EGD5218
25.5cm – 30cm 42.5cm – 50cm 76cm – 91.5cm 69cm – 76.5cm 351 XX Large Regular Purple Natural EGD5219
76.5cm – 84cm 352 XX Large Long Purple Orange EGD5220
30cm – 35.5cm 45cm – 56cm 84cm – 99cm 76.5cm – 84cm 361 XXX Large Regular Light Blue Natural EGD5221