Bacillol 30 Tissues

Surface disinfection wipes

Bacillol 30 Tissues

Material-friendly rapid disinfection wipes for sensitive surfaces in a convenient flow pack – now available in new XXL size!

What are Bacillol 30 Tissues? 

Bacillol Tissues are ready-to-use wipes pre-soaked with Bacillol 30 foam.

Key benefits

  • Acts rapidly
  • Aldehyde-, colourant- and fragrance-free
  • Material friendly; especially suitable for sensitive materials such as Makrolon®, Plexigas® and polysulphone
  • Practical folding system ensures safe and easy dispensing of individual tissues from resealable flow pack thanks to the practical wipe folding system
  • High-quality, tear proof PET fleece
  • In two tissue sizes/dimensions available in standard size (180 x 200 mm) and XXL size (250 x 180 mm)


Bacillol 30 tissues are suitable for the convenient material-friendly rapid disinfection of:

Surfaces according to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) such as:

  • Displays and keyboards or touch pads of sensitive communication equipment, e.g. made from Makrolon®, acrylic glass, polysulphone and artificial leather – in healthcare facilities
  • Sensitive surfaces in canteen kitchens, food processing areas and other areas coming into contact with sensitive products

Medical equipment and devices that come under the Medical Device Directive (MDD) such as:

  • Displays and keyboards or touch pads of portable and stationary medical equipment, e.g. monitoring systems
  • Sensitive, non-invasive medical devices e.g. mammography equipment, operating theatre lamps

Directions for use

  1. Thoroughly wipe surfaces with Bacillol 30 tissues.
  2. Make sure to completely wet surfaces to achieve best disinfection results.
  3. Dispose of used tissues. To prevent wipes from drying, reseal the flow pack directly after use.

Bacillol 30 tissues  may also be used without gloves, if infection and occupational measures permit.

Do not…

  • Use for skin cleansing
  • Allow disinfection solution to get inside of electrical devices. Please observe manufacturers instruction
  • Use for the disinfection of invasive medical conditions


Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


**Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus our manufacturer, Bode Chemie, has received unprecedented orders for Sterillium and Bacillol 30 Tissues from around the world. This is putting significant pressure on the supply chain and means that at this time we are unfortunately unable to accept new customers for these products. Please accept our apologies. **

If you would like to be contacted when our stock levels return to normal, please email and state which product from the Bode range you are interested in.