PROSHIELD is the number one system for intact and injured skin associated with incontinence and is a trusted choice of Healthcare Professionals[1].

The PROSHIELD system includes PROSHIELD Plus Skin Protectant and PROSHIELD Foam & Spray Incontinence Cleanser providing an effective regime to moisturise, protect and manage at risk skin from moisture related skin damage[2,3].


[1] 2016 NHS purchases for skincare systems that include both a cleanser and barrier product; Data on File. PR001.
[2] Hoggarth, A. et al. A controlled, three-part trial to investigate the barrier function and skin hydration properties of six skin protectants. Ostomy Wound Management 2005; 51(12): 30-42.
[3] Beeckman, D. et al. Proceedings of the Global IAD Expert Panel. Incontinence –associated dermatitis: moving prevention forward. Wounds International 2015. Available to download from

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Skin Protectant

PROSHIELD Foam & Spray
PROSHIELD Foam & Spray

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