Lymed® custom made and ready to wear pressure garments are manufactured and designed with patient’s needs in mind. The carefully chosen high-class materials ensure comfortable wear for the whole day.

The Lymed® product range includes Lymed® Skin, Lymed® Interim & Light, Lymed® Compression, Lymed® Post-operation and Lymed® Sense and can be used to treat several indications. Recommended for use in the following conditions – oedema management, scar management, surgical aftercare, neurological and physiological conditions and sport.

The Lymed® product range comes in a wide variety of fabric and seam colours. Special solutions for individual needs can also be added including decorated embellishments, zippers, velcro, hooks and eyes.

Key benefits

  • Unique custom-made garments
  • Standard size products also available
  • Provides best possible treatment and fits all shapes and sizes
  • Provides even pressure or progressive pressure dependant on patients needs
  • Indicated for scar management, lymphoedema and post-operational treatment
  • The unique pattern system can achieve the desired pressure wherever needed
  • Made from exclusive, high-class materials
  • Comfortable to wear

Lymed® clinical studies

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Lymed Oy The garment that supports Marko’s everyday life View

Take your time when you are putting the product on. Remove all sharp objects from the hands before doing so. Make sure that nails are short and smooth.

Lymed garment*

  • Place and put the garment on little by little without pulling at the seams. Long sections, e.g. leg and sleeves, should be put on slowly without pulling and dragging the garment on at once
  • Make sure that the seams and bends are placed correctly. (If the legs or sleeves seem too long or the garment rolls down, it is probably not put on correctly)
  • Putting the garment on properly guarantees the placement of pressure as designed and increases wearability

Lymed sock*

  1. Turn the sock inside out except for the foot
  2. Slip on the foot
  3. Check the placement of the toes and heel before proceeding
  4. Put the sock on little by little. Roll upwards slowly until the sock is fully in place

Instructional videos:

*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use.

For general enquiries regarding Lymed® pressure garments please contact H&R Healthcare:

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