A fresh approach to compression bandaging...



HERO H-2 is a two-layer compression bandage system, designed for venous and mixed aetiology ulcers. It consists of a unique moisturising and odour reducing cohesive conformable foam layer and an inelastic cohesive compression bandage which lock together to be more secure………a completely fresh approach to compression bandaging!

HERO H-2 is a unique lightweight two-layer compression bandage system available in a range of sizes for venous and mixed aetiology ulcers.

Layer 1 consists of a gentle, conformable cohesive absorbent foam bandage which contains pure Aloe with moisturising properties to reduce the dry skin associated with chronic venous ulcers and cyclodextrin to help bind odour and give off a fresh scent.

Layer 2 is a unique, hand tearable, beige, inelastic cohesive bandage designed to produce therapeutically effective sustained compression. The two layers lock together to provide a sturdy compression bandage which resists in slippage.

Key benefits

Layer 1

  • Hypoallergenic – Latex, Paraben and Chlorine Free
  • Moisturising – containing Aloe
  • Low profile construction
  • No fibre shedding
  • Odour reducing – containing Cyclodextrin
  • Comfortable and conformable, cohesive foam bandage
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a smooth and secure base for layer 2

Layer 2

  • Hypoallergenic – Latex, Paraben and Chlorine Free
  • Hand tearable – no need for scissors
  • Low profile – ability to wear normal footwear and clothing
  • Easy to apply
  • Mechanically locks to layer one for secure application


Both layers of HERO H-2 are cohesive, resulting in an easy to apply, unique two-layer system that mechanically locks together to reduce the risk of slippage.

The novel HERO H-2 system meets patients’ need for effective compression that is comfortable to wear and kind to the skin, and meets clinicians’ needs for an easy to apply system that is also highly cost effective.

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Applying HERO H-2*

  • Always refer to local guidelines
  • Assess shape of limb to ensure suitability for
    HERO H-2
  • Assess the skin and wound – apply any emollients or dressings if required
    (Note: HERO H-2 layer 1 contains moisturising Aloe)
  • Select correct bandage system
    • H-2 two-layer kit (ankle size 18-25cm)
    • H-2 Lite two-layer kit (ankle size 18-25cm)
    • H-2 XL two-later kit (ankle size 25-32cm)
  • Add ‘extra’ padding if necessary to protect bony prominences

Layer 1

Dependent upon your preference, an open heel or a closed heel application may be used. Begin by ensuring that the foot is correctly positioned in the 90 degree “toes to nose” position.

Open heel: starting at the 5th metatarsal head apply 1.5 turns with NO tension (simply roll the bandage gently), then cup around the base of the heel before spiraling at minimal overlap up the limb (an extra turn may be required around the dorsal of the foot if the foot is larger).

Closed heel: starting at the 5th metatarsal head apply 2 turns. Gently roll the bandage across the dorsum of the foot and enclose the ankle and heel with a ‘figure of 8’.

Maintain NO tension and keep the bandage barrel close to the limb throughout the application of layer 1. Apply in a spiral technique at minimal overlap to achieve limb coverage and low profile.

Ensure all skin is covered with no gaps. Finish 2cm (one finger) below the knee popliteal space. Tear off or cut excess bandage. Gently press over the applied layer 1 to smooth and cohere the layers.

NOTE: It is safe to apply at 50% overlap and provide extra layers to protect bony prominences but this will increase the profile of the bandage system.

Layer 2

Ensure the foot remains correctly positioned in the 90 degrees “toes to nose” position, starting at the 5th metatarsal head apply 2 turns of the compression bandage with tension to dorsal of the foot (an extra turn on the dorsum may be required for a longer foot).

The heel area is then locked in using a ‘figure of 8’ technique at full stretch.

Maintaining full stretch tension continue to spiral the bandage up to limb using a 50% overlap technique to ensure evenly distributed compression. Finish 3cm (two fingers) below the knee popliteal space, ensuring layer 1 is still visible to protect this area from bandage rub. Tear off or cut excess bandage and tape if necessary.

Gently press over the entire application to ensure that both layers lock together.



*See product insert leaflet for full instructions for use.


Item Ankle size Items per unit Product code PIP code NHS code
HERO H-2 two-layer compression bandage kit (Standard) 18-25cm 1 H2K1030102 388-3428 EBA092
HERO H-2 Lite two-layer compression bandage kit 18-25cm 1 H2KL1030102 388-3410 EBA091
HERO H-2 XL two-layer compression bandage kit 25-32cm 1 H2XLK1060102 388-3436 EBA159
Item Size Items per unit Product code PIP code NHS code
HERO H-2 Layer 1 (Standard/Lite) 10cm x 3.5m 6 H2L110301 388-3964 EBA127
HERO H-2 XL Layer 1 10cm x 5m 9 H2XLL110501 388-3998 EBA126