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November 2012

Hyiodine launches 22g bottle on FP10 from 1st November

NEW MIST clinical paper: A pilot study evaluating NLFU and underlying molecular mechanism on DFU’s, M Yao et al, International Wound Care Journal, on line 19/11/12
A prospective RCT pilot study with 12 patients randomly chosen to 3 groups of treatment were evaluated for 4 weeks following a 1 week washout period. MIST 3x per week treatment had a 86% area reduction vs. 39% in the control group. MIST 3x per week treatment showed a decrease in pro-inflammatory markers and MMP-9 and an increase in VEGF, thereby assisting the wounds to move through the healing process faster.

May 2012

Carolon multi-layer understocking now featuring Cupron® copper yarn technology available on FP10 from 1st June

The benefits of using fabric made with copper oxide impregnated yarn include: reduced bacteria and fungi that can cause odour; improvement in skin appearance; non-toxic , non-sensitising to the skin and helps prevent cross contamination. The copper oxide is effective for the life of the garment and is unaffected by washing and drying.

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